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Meet Ambassador Jan Truszczyński


Meet Ambassador Jan Truszczyński, Chief Negotiator of Poland’s Accession to the European Union, former Director General at the European Commission, DG Education and Culture

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Ambassador Truszczyński:

Poland has well planted all seeds. Start-up revolution is just about to happen. Maybe it is just happening now at the opposite bank of Vistula River…


Learn from Dr. Bertrand Collomb


Learn from Dr. Bertrand Collomb, Board Member at LafargeHolcim, Honorary Chairman at Lafarge S.A., how to innovate in the real economy

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President Collomb:

Innovation and research are two different things. Innovation is about change, new technologies and benefits to customers.

Get inspired how to innovate in real economy by listening to on of the top global industrialists, who turned Lafarge into the largest construction materials company in the world.


Get inspired by Trevor Hardy



Get inspired by Trevor Hardy, CEO at Future Laboratory, leading foresight research company based in London

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Trevor Hardy:

Change is inevitable, disruptive, disorientating… but are we ready… Innovation is the good insight into the future. But what is innovation…  innovation is about creating a sense of community, a sense of destination, about irrational things, which often cannot be engineered.



Daria Tataj has been honored by the US Embassy in Poland as one of Polish Power Women. Read more

Innovate4Future. Global Innovation Seminar. October, 2015


 Tataj Innovation and DELab UW co-hosted Innovate4Future seminar revolving around the concept of innovation. The seminar brought together a global CEO and exceptional thought leaders from the forefront of industry, academia, government and the arts to discuss their experiences and understanding of the innovative processes.
Innovate 4Future was sponsored by Google.
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Technologist magazine, EuroTech Universities Alliance. July, 2015


“Poland must be doing something right” – a new interwiew with Daria Tataj at Technologist magazine, that is initiative of the EuroTech Universities Alliance, bringing together the best and most exciting research and innovation from Europe and beyond. Read here

Karolinska Institute and Johnson & Johnson Innovation agreement. Stockholm. May, 2015

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Karolinska Institute’s wholly owned company, Karolinska Institutet Holding AB, has signed an agreement with Johnson & Johnson Innovation. The collaboration aims to strengthen innovation at Karolinska Institute and integrate it into product and business development, and implementation of health care. At the same time a research collaboration is established between Karolinska Institutet and Janssen Pharmaceuticals.  more

Dr. Daria Tataj was one of the featuring guests. Karolinska Celebrating Collaboration Program 2.0

Horizon 2020 – New Commission, new Agenda. Conference. Brussels, March 2015


Dr. Tataj moderated a panel ‘Foresight 2030: Future Challenges for Europe’ during a conference ‘Horizon 2020 – New Commission, New Agenda’, organized by Science|Business in Brussels on March24th, 2015. At the conference, Science|Business will present an agenda for action by the new Commission and Parliament in life sciences, energy, ICT and manufacturing. Here you can find the programme.

At the conference was presented the  Foresight report 2015 „Views of 2030: transport, value-added  manufacturing, education and health”, published by Science|Business. The report gathers key emerging trends in business, technology and society. It captures unique insights into the future based on a foresight exercise among leaders of top European universities and companies.

Debate „The role of science in the service of an innovative society”. Warsaw, March, 2015

Dr. Tataj participated in the debate „The role of science in the service of an  innovative
society” organized by Teraz Polska Foundation
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Photo made by Kamil Broszko

Dr. Tataj said that Poland will never manage to capitalize on the success that it has achieved over the last 25 years, if it does not find a way to link science, business and education. Academic teachers as well as knowledge and skills that Polish students are taught are key elements of systems. Read more

Webcast: From open science to open innovation. Brussels, Feb. 2015 »