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Dr. Tataj’s article in Euroscientist on innovation discusses  Poland’s position over a period of 25 years of reforms and 10 years in the European Union. Poland is now considered one of the most dynamic economies of the EU. Paradoxically, Poland’s position in innovation rankings does not reflect its recent economic success. Now the trend towards innovation in Poland has been initiated, the next stage of development of innovation capacity requires to focus on further increasing investment in R&D–both public and private–building academia-industry partnerships, providing capital to high-growth companies and integrating innovation ecosystems within countries and with most innovative economies worldwide. While all countries of the Visegrad Group progress towards these goals, numerous studies show that the impact of changes is most noticeable in Poland.

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Science | Business Europe 2030 Foresight Roundtable. Berlin, Oct. 2014

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Berlin, October 2014

Science | Business Europe 2030 Foresight Roundtable moderated by Daria Tataj An interactive workshop on emerging trends in business, technology and society thought leaders including among others: Tuula Teeri, Alto University, Enrique Fossas. Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Candace Johnson, EBAN, Patrick Bressler, Fraunhofer, Raymond Hegarty and Russ Merbeth of Intellectual Ventures, Isabelle Thizon de Gaulle and Maya Said, of Sanofi, Muriel Desaeger, TOYOTA Motor Europe, Quentin Compton-Bishop, Warwick Ventures.


The Innovation Connection. New ideas, new leaders, new technologies, Science |Business ACES Awards. Berlin, Oct. 2014

Speech by Daria Tataj ‘Foresight 2030 – innovation megatrends that will transform society and economy’ at ‘The Innovation Connection. New ideas, new leaders, new technologies’, Science |Business ACES Awards Conference

Program and ACESS finalists



55th European Trade Promotion Organizations annual conference. Madrid, Oct. 2014

Panel speech by Daria Tataj at 55th European Trade Promotion Organizations annual conference

Panel discussion on ‘Innovation, Financing and Internationalization’  chaired by Enrique Verdeguer, ESADE, with Spanish government officials Marisa Poncela, Secretary General for Science, Technology and Innovation and José María Pinero, Ministry of Finance, and entrepreneurs Francisco Marín, Future Plus, and Daria Gołębiowska-Tataj of Tataj Innovation.

Program and discussion summary

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