Policy design is a process that we enhance through design thinking. Our interactive methods help groups of diverse stakeholders from business, academia and government create novel solutions to real-life cases of strategic importance. We are ready to assist in early stages of policy implementation, assessment and monitoring. We help scale up impact using the science of spread.

Policy design takes place during a series of interactive workshops with policy makers and stakeholders who co-create novel solutions to real-life cases on their strategic agenda. Depending on needs, Tataj Innovation consultants lead through a design thinking process to generate new ideas and assist in early stages of implementation based on  follow up consulting projects. Each seminar is custom designed. Depending on customers’ needs, its themes range and can embrace the following topics.

  • How to design new types of innovation policy instruments
  • How to bring research, education and innovation with entrepreneurship as a driving force behind growth and jobs policies
  • How to foster new types, new funding and new governance models of academia-industry partnerships
  • How to build entrepreneurial ecosystems and stimulate venture capital sector
  • How to prevent brain drain and attract global talent.