We have a track record of creating unique, out-of-the-box insights into innovation policy challenges and solutions. The creative approach is a result of in-depth understanding how innovation is induced in networked environments. Through interviews and group discussions with diverse stakeholders co-located in a specific hotspot or region we conduct a 360O scrutiny and present a feedback to  quick diagnosis and a a road map to design process aiming at a better innovation policy.

Tataj Innovation consultants give a structured report to innovation policy makers at the highest level, which helps them:

  • Understand needs of the region, agency, goals, drivers
  • Understand past history, activities that are underway and current plans
  • Understand goals of diverse organizations and timeframe
  • Understand the assets and resources that might be available to support innovation policy development and to achieve goals
  • Understand internal organization – who does what, who would be involved, who would support policy development, and who would be responsible for its deployment and sustainability
  • Understand stretch goals and the ideal outcome of the innovation policy or policies.