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TATAJ Innovation Badalona Beach Studio is our shared creative lab. Located just 20 minutes drive from the heart of Barcelona and 5 minutes walk from the Port of Badalona, where you can moor your yacht, is the perfect place to unleash your creativity.




Come and co-create solutions for urban transformations inspired by the powerful, joyful spirit of this unique post-industrial littoral front right at the famous Pont del Petroli and El Mono Factory-Museum.



Barcelona metropolitan area was once called the ‚Catalan Manchester’`as in the 1800’ it was the second most industrialized zone in the world. Today, Barcelona remains stunningly beautiful and 8 million visitors come to admire Mediterranean city beaches, Antonio Gaudi’s breakthrough architecture and to explore emerging industry trends at world signature events such as the World Mobile Congress and the Smart City Expo World Congress.

Affluent, avant-guard, young and open, the city has kept its creative, industrious genius and entrepreneurial spirit attracting over 40% of venture capital investment in Spain and over 600 Chinese firms who have located their operations here. With its balanced, sustainable growth strategy, Barcelona has become a benchmark for smart cities. Its landmark urban transformation project 22@Barcelona has turned devastated post-industrial Poble Nou zone into one of the top innovation districts in the world. In 2014 the city was crowned with a title Europe’s Innovation Capital.

We believe that every city has a creative power. And we want to help your city get inspired and learn from Barcelona how to attract investors, nurture start-ups and empower social entrepreneurs.  Visit TATAJ STUDIO to learn how to deploy cutting-edge technology for urban development, connect with thought leaders and partners, understand the power of FabLabs, makers’ spaces and social movements to engage citizens in designing better futures.

We invite you to co-create your own project for a vibrant innovation district. Contact us to book TATAJ STUDIO for  your innovation urban retreat!



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