Webinar on #NetworkThinking | September 15th, 2020

Great thanks to all our LinkedIn followers for coming yesterday to our webinar “Intro to #NetworkThinking“.

People who were interested to learn about digital leadership were mainly CEOs, country managers, and R&I directors. They face the same challenges as pre-Covid: how to drive business growth, build skills for the future, and expand innovation capacity. But what the new challenge they face is how to achieve their purpose when working as a virtual organization.

“We have a powerful network off-line” – said one participant – “but we are not good at moving to network online, building virtual teamwork, our digital brand, keep up partnerhsihps we have.”

If you could not make it to our webinar and still are interested to build your network power as a #digital #leader, please drop us an email at studio@tatajinnovation.com. We’ll be happy to share also with you a small book on Netowrk Thinking with practical tips for strategic e-networking.