Empowering Purpose-Driven Leaders to Scale Team Impact through the Strategic use of Networks.

What We Do

We build your ecosystem to innovate and grow

We are experienced in building successful & diverse e-Teams, partnerships, communities, and networks.

Every few years, the world is hit by a crisis: natural disasters, economic crises, and even pandemics. At the same time, every year a new discovery promises to heal a disease that had never been cured before, a tech solution to teach 700 million illiterate people how to read and finance women-led businesses.

Through our solutions, we empower people to change the world by creating more effective e-Teams. We are proud if they build the networks to protect them from tomorrow’s unpredictable future.

The Network IQ Methodology

Network IQ Wheel

Network IQ is a measurement of Network Intelligence.

We define this kind of intelligence as an ability to use social networking to innovate and grow. For example, you can use social networks to get market insights, share resources, or sell. But many people find it challenging.

The Network IQ Index is based on a combination of 7 skills: Network Strategy, Networking, Engagement, Empowerment, Digital Communication, Collaboration for Diversity, and Influence.

Meet the Founder

Daria Tataj 
CEO & Founder

Daria Tataj is the inventor of Network IQ based on 15+ years of research on business innovation networks in Europe, the US, and China.

Daria is a senior advisor at the European Commission and has a personal worldwide network in global communities such as the World Economic Forum, Vital Voices Partnership, and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

Her primary areas of expertise include C-level talent and business growth strategies through a Network IQ-based solutions and optimizing diverse teams through a culture of innovation and impact.

Meet the Team

Ewelina Bielawska
People Success Manager

Marcello Angione
Marketing Manager

Our Experts

Mercè Alsamora

Mercè Alsamora
Talent Assessment Solutions

Ursula Muhle, PhD
Health & Education

Ursula Muhle, PhD
Health & Education

Paul Tolchinsky
Network IQ Consultant

Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards
Food & Entrepreneurship

Pawel Handke
Manufacturing & Performance

 With her team at Tataj Innovation, Daria has managed to translate her research into commercially viable solutions for team assessment process. As a former board member of Philips (Research and Health Care) and founding chairman of EIT, I believe we are all in need of new solutions to help talented teams increase their efficiency in a radically changing workplace.

Prof Dr.Ir. Martin F.H. Schuurmans
Tataj Innovation Advisory Board Member
Eindhoven, March 19th, 2020

Meet Our Advisory Board

Prof. Manuel Castells
#1 Communication Scholar in the World

Prof. Dame Julia King
Member House of Lords UK Parliament

Prof. K.I.J. Karen Maex
Rector University of Amsterdam

Prof. Linnar Viik
Estonian Entrepreneur and Investor

Prof. Martin Schuurmans
Former VP Research Philips

Join us

Divya Kumar Sharma
MBA 2019, ESADE Barcelona

 I learnt quite a few things at Tataj Innovation! During my internship I learnt how to build interpersonal relations, develop a market entry strategy, do business development and work on fundamental business planning for start-up. 

Moreover, I also learnt a lot about market research. And foremost about innovation and network thinking, which is helping me now a lot when I work on innovation projects at Siemens. I know a lot how to get to the right resources.