After New York, Trento, Brussels and Madrid, DUBAI is the 5th city to host the promotion of the TATAJ INNOVATION LIBRARY book by Daria Tataj ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A Growth Model for Europe Beyond the Crisis’ with the Preface by the Holberg Prize Winner Manuel Castells.

Arab Innovation Summit, one of the most important global events where business and government leaders meet. I am very honored to be invited to present my book and give a keynote on why certain cities, regions and countries are more  successful than others in innovating. You will learn how you can replicate your success on the global scale and attract investors, nurture high-growth companies and empower your talented people to innovate better and faster.”, says Daria Tataj, Founder of TATAJ INNOVATION and the Chairwoman of High-Level Advisors to the European Union Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation.