The Network IQ Methodology

Network IQ Skills

Network Intelligence is the capacity to utilize networks for innovation and purpose-driven growth. 

Some people are very skillful in how they utilize their networks. For example, they are highly effective in building their ecosystem to get market insights, share resources, find clients, and build partnerships. But many people find strategic networking quite challenging.

This is why we developed a research-based methodology to help talented people learn how to optimize and power their networks.

Network IQ Index, a measurement of Network Intelligence, is based on a combination of 7 skills: Network Strategy, e-Networking, Engagement, Empowerment, Digital Communication, Collaboration for Diversity, and Influence.

These competencies are the necessary skill set for the post-Covid, digital workplace. 

Network IQ Webinar Series

Intro to Network Thinking

Network IQ Skill | Digital Communication

Network IQ Skill | Empowerment

Network IQ Skill | e-Networking

Network IQ Skill | Network Strategy

Network IQ Skill | Engagement

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Background research


Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A Growth Model for Europe Beyond the Crisis

by Daria Tataj 
with Preface by Manuel Castells

To increase productivity and create value, businesses and governments need to innovate. But how can entire regions, countries, and continents innovate in a fast-changing world where old economies have broken down? The book proposes a replicable, mass innovation model based on entrepreneurial innovation networks known as the EIT KICs.

‘Fundamental, innovative book on innovation that will reshape the way we think about innovation.’ – Prof. Manuel Castells, #1 Communication Scholar in the World

‘An outstanding book that can be added to the must-read list on innovation.’- Marisa Poncela García, Former Trade Minister of Spain

Book tour:

New York (2015), Warsaw (2015), Brussles (2017), Torino (2017), Madrid (2018), Dubai (2018)



Case Studies



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