Ignite the power of your network

With the Network Thinking Coaching 

Developed by Dr. Daria Tataj

Learn the hands-on strategies to best utilize your networks with the proven Network Thinking Training by Dr. Daria Tataj. The more network power you have the stronger you influence the purpose direction, and speed of innovation.

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Network Thinking explained

Daria Tataj, PhD

Daria Tataj is a researcher, PhD., keynote speaker, author and world expert on innovation networks.

After having reached more than 30.000 decision-makers around the world through her work helping companies, governments and cities to foster innovation through the strategic use of networks, Daria has now decided to share her knowledge with you in one Program, the Network Thinking Training.

What you will learn in the Network Thinking Coaching 

The 7 pillars of network Thinking

Network Strategy

The dynamics that generate digital ecosystems.


Engagement strategies for clients, parters and investors.


Empower others to maximize innovation and impact.


Strategic networking done right, online and offline.

(Digital) Communication

Leverage online communication and digital interactions.


Become a trusted leader in your communities.

Collaboration for Diversity

Understand the dynamics of collaboration and leverage diversity.

*You will be contacted by the Tataj Innovation team 

to receive all the info necessary to 

participate in the program.

“I can only recommend to get in touch - both if you are a person or an organization. It is a unique opportunity to work with Daria, who has such a profound experience in EU innovation. She and her team at Tataj Innovation will empower you to develop new perspectives and thus enable you to innovate - locally, globally and across sectors.”
Health, Innovation & Education Professional. Speaker & Design Thinking Coach.
"Network Thinking methodology can help any of us to improve our network in a very effective way, discovering the talent we can find just one click away.”
CEO at MSS - Language & e-Learning Solutions
"Daria motivates me and gives me the inspiration to rethink our branding strategy, and she helps us find new ways to accelerate innovations utilizing our networks. with Eindhoven Engine we are happy to be able to work with her, and I hope we can together shape further thoughts on the 4th generation university.”
Scientific Director Eindhoven Engine, Researcher in Electric Driving

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*You will be contacted by the Tataj Innovation team to receive all the info necessary to participate in the program. We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy