Network IQ Coach Candidates 2022

Certification Programme

This Train-The-Trainer programme will equip you with skills to apply, in practice, the Network IQ instrument which is composed of an online Network IQ Questionnaire and an individual nIQ Scoring Report. 

As a Certified Coach, you will get exclusive access at a special license price to the Network IQ instrument and an educational license discount for university education. 

Programme co-founded by

You will become a member of a global coach community to support you in your coaching practice.

Participants will virtually engage with Prof. Dr Daria Gołębiowska – Tataj, the inventor of Network IQ Index, who will coach them, give access to her personal networks and build global visibility as coaches and Network Intelligence advocates. 

Programme supported by experts from The University of Manchester Masood Entrepreneurship Centre

Ewelina Bielawska

Psychologist | Network IQ Innovation Manager | Entrepreneur

Location: Barcelona, SPAIN

About Ewelina

I work as Network IQ Innovation Manager at Tataj Innovation where, together with Prof. Dr. Daria Tataj, and our Team, we teach Network IQ Skills which turn people in networks into collaborators who help you and your team increase performance, innovate and grow with a purpose in mind.

Zsolt Bubori

Ecosystem Lead for Hungary at EIT Health InnoStars

Location: Budapest, HUNGARY

About Zsolt

I am a manager with a strong executive business consultancy and stakeholder management experience. I love my work because I can work with so many interesting, wise, and skilled people!

Dr Marcin Ciszewski

Head of the Department of Acceleration Projects (PhD) at Medical University of Lodz, Pharmacist, Accountant

Location: Lodz, POLAND

About Marcin

Head of the Department of Acceleration Projects (PhD) at Medical University of Lodz, Pharmacist, Accountant

Dr Eugene Crehan

Director of Programmes, (CEDRE), South East Technological University (SETU)

Location: Waterford, IRELAND

About Eugene

Director of Programmes at South East Technological University Waterford Centre for Enterprise Development & Regional Economy (CEDRE). New Frontiers Programme Manager.

Dorota Dabrowski-Winterscheid, MBA

Foreign investment expert.

Location: Warsaw, POLAND

About Dorota

I believe in progress, helping others, and the success of my team, and want to reach a wide audience to help more people optimize and power their networks to achieve professional success.

Charlotte Fennell

Marketing and Communications Lead at Naked Innovations

Location: Barcelona, SPAIN

About Charlotte

A geography geek at heart, I've found myself working primarily in the areas of marketing and communications for companies focused on making a difference, be it socially, environtally or both.

Paul Fox

Entrepreneurship director laser focused on helping professionals, students and entrepreneurs to build new solutions.

Location: Barcelona, SPAIN

About Paul

Experienced professional helping Students, Entrepreneurs and Business Executives to develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset and Skillset as an Education Designer and Coordinator, Professor, Researcher, Consultant, and Mentor.

Adam Frost

Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Masood Entrepreneurship Centre

Location: England, UK

About Adam

Currently Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Masood Entrepreneurship Centre at The University of Manchester.

Gabriela Karolak

Design Research | Strategy | Foresight

Location: New York, USA

About Gabriela

I am a human-centred designer and researcher looking for design work for social innovation. I have experience in healthcare design

Dr Suneel Kunamaneni

Championing Sustainability within Enterprise Education

Location: England, UK

About Suneel

I have a unique mix of expertise: Scientific research, Commercialisation, Environmental Sustainability, Strategy consultancy and Entrepreneurship education. I am therefore able to consult and advise on how best to balance profits with people and planet.

Kateryna Kryzhanivska

PhD Candidate I Cross-boundary collaboration I Temporary teaming I Digital community platforms

Location: South Karelia, FINLAND

About Kateryna

In my internationally-driven Ph.D., I do research about cross-boundary collaboration processes in new digital forms of temporary organizing. The context of my research is on regional networks, ecosystem emergence, and crisis events.

Margaret Ledwith

Innovation & Entrepreneurship | Capacity & Venture Building

Location: Benalla, AUSTRALIA

About Margaret

Specialties: Creative Thinking & Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership, Action-Based Learning, University-Industry Collaboration, Value Proposition & New Venture Development, Market & Customer Validation, Channel/Go-to-Market Strategy, Commercial Due Diligence, Business Development.

Prof. Oksana Lentjušenkova

Rector - EKA University of Applied Sciences

Location: Riga, LATVIA

About Oksana

I am a positive person with more than 20 years experience in management and teaching students in different institutions (National Defence Academy. Riga Technical University, Alberta College, EKA University of Applied Sciences etc.).

Dr Emil Lezak

R&D Project Manager; Innovation Broker

Location: Madrid, SPAIN

About Emil

R&D Project Manager and Engineer with experience in interdisciplinary field of engineering that focuses on how to design and manage complex engineering systems over their life cycles - open for establish networking, business opportunities, and NEW job position!

Catalina Maldonado

TEDxBarcelona Organizer & Communication Coach

Location: Barcelona, SPAIN

About Catalina

Catalina is a passionate person who firmly believes that changing the world is not a dream is an Act! She loves Innovation, Leadership and Social Transformation through the power of collectivity, Humanizing & Reshaping companies with technology, values, diversity, inclusiveness, kindness & achieving results!

Paweł Michta

Head of Sales&Marketing | Network Intelligence, Innovation, Strategies, Productivity, e-Networking

Location: Barcelona, SPAIN

About Paweł

In Tataj Innovation we are experienced in skilling and reskilling talent in health, technology, research & education. We facilitate building successful & diverse e-Teams, partnerships, communities, and networks.

Dr Claudia Olvera

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Network Manager

Location: Barcelona, SPAIN

About Claudia

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Network Manager at LaSalle University, Barcelona Campus.

Beata Praska

17 years of experience in energy business, oil and electricity, commercial, regulatory and ICG, in international markets

Location: Madrid, SPAIN

About Beata

Former Director in companies in the energy sector, expert in the development of new markets, 17 years of work experience in international markets: Paris, London, Warsaw, Moscow, responsible for a profit and loss account, independent advisor at the Energy Stock Exchange in Poland for 6 years.

Vivian Marcelino Santos Lima

Innovation, Impact & Digital Transformation | Marie Sklodowska Curie Research Fellow

Location: Barcelona, SPAIN

About Vivian

I am passionate about tackling complex problems and driving change. Currently, I am a research fellow exploring the challenges of digital transformation and innovation in large firms. Previously, my mission was to help leading Asian companies unleash the creative and innovative potential of their people for business innovation.

Lidia Sarna

Passionate people developer. Slow Life Coach.

Location: Warsaw, POLAND

About Lidia

I believe each successful company is all about people. That's why I focus on making a significant impact on a single person, to give a boost in his/her growth. Working as a coach I support others to change their habits, convictions, career and lead more successful and less-stressed life.

Prof. Lucyna Wozniak

Vice-Rector for Research Strategy and International Relations

Location: Lodz, POLAND

About Lucyna

KIng's College London -2 years postdoc with prof. Colin B. REESE, FRS- working on RNA synthesis