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Masterclass with Prof. Manuel Castells & Dr. Daria Tataj

Network Thinking™ is a research-based training methodology developed by Dr. Daria Tataj. Anchored in Prof. Castells’ theory of the Network Society, it creates a process to unleash growth through the power of networks. This Innovation Masterclass was organized by Tataj Innovation Studio to discuss a growth model for mid-size cities in the network economy. It gathered key representatives of the Catalan ecosystem who played the Network Thinking™ prototype game to strategize how to transform ideas of the EIT Alumni developed during StartupDays Barcelona to transform Badalona Port and famous “3 Chimeneas” power plant factory.

Start-ups, Scale-ups and Entrepreneurship in Romania

The European Commission has published a report “Start-ups, Scale-ups and Entrepreneurship in Romania” prepared under the EU Policy Support Facility. Dr. Daria Tataj, Founder and CEO at Tataj Innovation, was one of the international experts who have prepared the Report along with Pablo Andres (Portugal, Chair), Jean-Michel Dalle (France), and Jari Romanainen (Finland). Dr. Tataj acted as the Rapporteur and in this role she was responsible to drafting the report which offers policy guidelines for the Romanian government. The key message is: innovation and entrepreneurship policies are key for Romania’s future growth and competitiveness.


After New York, Trento, Brussels and Madrid, DUBAI is the 5th city to host the promotion of the TATAJ INNOVATION LIBRARY book by Daria Tataj ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A Growth Model for Europe Beyond the Crisis’ with the Preface by the Holberg Prize Winner Manuel Castells.

Arab Innovation Summit, one of the most important global events where business and government leaders meet. I am very honored to be invited to present my book and give a keynote on why certain cities, regions and countries are more  successful than others in innovating. You will learn how you can replicate your success on the global scale and attract investors, nurture high-growth companies and empower your talented people to innovate better and faster.”, says Daria Tataj, Founder of TATAJ INNOVATION and the Chairwoman of High-Level Advisors to the European Union Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation.

Tataj Innovation Library book launch in Spain

The book by Dr. Tataj published by Tataj Innovation Library New York was launched for the readers in Spain by the royal COTEC Foundation for Innovation.

The book explores the process by which innovation is created and offers a model how to boost innovation on a massive scale.

In the Preface to the book, Holberg Prize Winner Manuel Castells writes: ‘This is a fundamental, innovative book on innovation that will reshape the way we think about innovation and may yield the most needed policy lessons for a new growth model. Read more

Dr. Tataj gives a keynote at LERU – League of European Research Universities

Founder of Tataj Innovation gave a keynote at LERU – League of European Research Universities in Brussels. Dr. Tataj presented her book ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A Growth Model for Europe’ in which she explored the process by which innovation is created in the global network economy and proposed a model for creating innovation on a massive scale. Her presentation was followed by engaging discussions with the audience including Peter Olesen, Chairman of the European Insitute of Innovation and Technology. Read more


Daria Tataj becomes a Chairwoman of Advisors to EU Commissioner

Dr. Tataj has been appointed as a Chairwoman of Advisors to Carlos Moedas, EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation.

RISE comprises 17 high-level experts working directly with the Commissioner and his Cabinet. They help design new policies and funding instruments to boost Europe’s competitiveness. Read more

Innovate4Future Seminar by Google

Tataj Innovation and DELab UW co-hosted Innovate4Future seminar revolving around the concept of innovation. The seminar brought together a global CEO and exceptional thought leaders from the forefront of industry, academia, government and the arts to discuss their experiences and understanding of the innovative processes.


Meet Ambassador Jan Truszczyński

mlz_3135Meet Ambassador Jan Truszczyński, Chief Negotiator of Poland’s Accession to the European Union, former Director General at the European Commission, DG Education and Culture:

Poland has well planted all seeds. Start-up revolution is just about to happen. Maybe it is just happening now.

Learn from Dr. Bertrand Collomb

Get inspired by listening to one of the top global industrialists, who turned Lafarge into the largest construction materials company in the world. Learn from Dr. Bertrand Collomb, Board Member at LafargeHolcim, Honorary Chairman at Lafarge S.A., how to innovate in the real economy.

Innovation and research are two different things. Innovation is about change,
new technologies and benefits to customers.


The Future Laboratory Seminar

Get inspired by Trevor Hardy, CEO at Future Laboratory, leading foresight research company based in London.

Change is inevitable, disruptive, disorientating… but are we ready…           Innovation is the good insight into the future. But what is innovation…     innovation is about creating a sense of community, a sense of destination, about
irrational things,which often cannot be engineered.