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#PolishPower Women

Daria Tataj has been honored by the US Embassy in Poland as one of Polish Power Women.



The US Embassy in Warsaw celebrates Women’s History Month by putting a spot light on Polish  women leaders as role models. This recognition follows last year’s acknowledgement by Vital Voices Global Partnership as a #VV100 Fellow, that is one of the 100 global women who brought meaningful impact to their communities.


Technologist magazine Interview with Daria Tataj

“Poland must be doing something right” – a new interwiew with Daria Tataj at Technologist magazine, that is initiative of the EuroTech Universities Alliance, bringing together the best and most exciting research and innovation from Europe and beyond. Read here

Karolinska Institute and Johnson & Johnson Innovation agreement


Karolinska Institute’s wholly owned company, Karolinska Institutet Holding AB, has signed an agreement with Johnson & Johnson Innovation. The collaboration aims to strengthen innovation at Karolinska Institute and integrate it into product and business development, and implementation of health care. At the same time a research collaboration is established between Karolinska Institutet and Janssen Pharmaceuticals.  more

Dr. Daria Tataj was one of the featuring guests. Karolinska Celebrating Collaboration Program 2.0

Foresight 2030: Future Challenges for Europe

Dr. Tataj is the author of the foresight report ‘Views of 2030: transport, value-added  manufacturing, education and health’. The report, announced during the Science|Business conference in Brussels, gathers key emerging trends based on an interactive future thinking seminar attended by European thought leaders and influencers in business, academy and government. Invited by Science|Business, Dr. Tataj presented the report and moderated a panel discussion ‘Foresight 2030: Future Challenges for Europe’, which focused on the agenda for the new EU Commission and Horizon 2020, the largest public funding program for research, science and innovation, in the context of disruptive technologies, new business models and a break-up of whole industry sectors.

Science in service of an innovative society

A guest speaker in the debate “The role of science in the service of an innovative
society” organized by Teraz Polska, Daria Tataj explains a new growth model for Poland.
More information in Polish

Photo made by Kamil Broszko

Over the last 25 years, Poland has achieved an unprecedented success. To continue growth and development Poland must invest in research, education, innovation and entrepreneurship. Public policies should facilitate collaboration between  universities, industry and start-ups. Talent is Poland’s greatest asset so new policies should focus on human capital and especially the next generation of entrepreneurial students giving them access to opportunities, capital and knowledge.

EuroScientist magazine interview with Daria Tataj


Dr. Tataj explains the unprecedented success of Poland over the last 25 years. While the country is now considered one of the most dynamic economies of the European Union, paradoxically it is ranked as one of the least innovative countries in the EU. With increasing investment in research and innovation, excellent education and over 680.000 graduates in STEM, Poland is well positioned for further growth. Read more

Science | Business Europe 2030 Foresight Roundtable

Bez tytułu

Science | Business Europe 2030 Foresight Roundtable moderated by Daria Tataj An interactive workshop on emerging trends in business, technology and society thought leaders including among others: Tuula Teeri, Alto University, Enrique Fossas. Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Candace Johnson, EBAN, Patrick Bressler, Fraunhofer, Raymond Hegarty and Russ Merbeth of Intellectual Ventures, Isabelle Thizon de Gaulle and Maya Said, of Sanofi, Muriel Desaeger, TOYOTA Motor Europe, Quentin Compton-Bishop, Warwick Ventures.


55th European Trade Promotion Organizations annual conference

Panel speech by Daria Tataj at 55th European Trade Promotion Organizations annual conference

Panel discussion on ‘Innovation, Financing and Internationalization’  chaired by Enrique Verdeguer, ESADE, with Spanish government officials Marisa Poncela, Secretary General for Science, Technology and Innovation and José María Pinero, Ministry of Finance, and entrepreneurs Francisco Marín, Future Plus, and Daria Gołębiowska-Tataj of Tataj Innovation.

Program and discussion summary

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