Intermediate: Empowerment

Personal Assessment of the Empowerment (Intermediate)

Practical advice on how to empower members of your networks. When you do so, their networks will grow, and your network will grow exponentially.

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Personal Assessment of the Empowerment Skill (Intermediate)

Practical advice on how to empower members of your networks. When you do so, their networks will grow, and your network will grow exponentially.

This personal assessment will help you create a mindset shift and the skill of Empowerment. You will learn how to empower the 20% of your network who will bring 80% of impact so that you grow your ecosystem for success. Remember, knowledge is just potential power. You will improve these skills by practicing and our courses are designed to assist you in this process.

Key Features
✅ Complimentary Network IQ Scoring included
✅ Personal assessment based on a global dataset and research in 15+ countries
✅ Inspiration and practical tips on how to improve
✅ Concrete exercise book to develop new digital networking habits


✅ Satisfaction Guaranteed or 100% Money Back!

About Network Thinking Skillset

Network Thinking is an innovation methodology to help you grow and thrive in digital ecosystems. The skills which form the basis of this methodology include a unique combination of seven competencies. Network Thinking skills include:

Skill 1. Network Strategy
Skill 2. e-Networking
Skill 3. Engagement
Skill 4. Empowerment
Skill 5. Digital Communication
Skill 6. Collaboration for Diversity
Skill 7. Influence

What is Network Intelligence?
The Network Thinking skills – or rather competencies – form the foundation of Network Intelligence. We define this kind of intelligence as the ability to use social networking to innovate and grow. For example, you can use social networks to get market insights, share resources or sell. Many people find this challenging. Our research shows that 70% of people use networking to sell products or services. However, less than 45% of them declare that they are effective, and only 17% use networking to get market insights or share resources.

We measure  Network Intelligence through an index call Network IQ. The Network IQ Index is part of our assessment toolbox. This is an indicator that predicts how effective you will be in turning social networking opportunities into growth. The Network IQ Index also predicts how effective you are in finding the “Right Person”, innovating, building trust digitally, and finding your purpose–network fit.

Who is Daria Tataj?
Daria is an entrepreneur and a power networker. A Digital Leader of the World Economic Forum, Dr. Tataj is also a global expert on new growth models. The author of the Network IQ Index, she defined what competencies you need to build an ecosystem to thrive in the digital economy. Learn from Daria first-hand experience of what does it take to become a high-impact influencer, innovate your career and grow a business.