Network IQ for LinkedIn

A  micro-coaching course that, during the course of 4-weeks, will help you develop new digital habits and build a powerful LinkedIn network fit for a specific purpose.

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A micro-coaching course that, during the course of 4 weeks, will help you build your digital brand as an influencer and leader. Apply the fundamentals of Network Thinking and develop new digital habits.

At a glance

  1. What’s in it for me: clear instructions on how to use LinkedIn more strategically
  2. Time commitment: 10-20 minutes per day
  3. How long: 4 weeks
  4. How often: every day (excl. weekends)
  5. What format: short personal email straight to your mailbox
  6. Impact: new digital habits for managing your LinkedIn profile and become influential on this platform

Key Features

✅ A daily micro-learning video course which starts on the 1st day of each week

✅ Designed especially for people who care about this world and want to make an impact, want to influence their networks and use LinkedIn more strategically.

✅ Practical tips on how to build a stronger digital brand, and virtually engage with the right people in your key communities

✅ Inspiration to keep up energy and cultivate new digital habits

Taking this course, you will start to think more strategically about how to build your network intelligence. High Network IQ helps you build networks fit for your purpose.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or 100% Money Back 

Every day, you will receive audio, video or text messages from Dr. Daria Tataj with suggestions on what to do if you had just 10 minutes to invest on LinkedIn. The course will help you develop new digital habits. You will improve your engagement with the people with whom you are connected.

Whether you are new to LinkedIn or use LinkedIn daily, the course will guide you to become more strategic when e-networking. With Daria’s help, you will learn practical tips and immediately apply them to test if they work for you.

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis triggers a workplace revolution. This means many changes will occur in the job market. This micro-coaching course is the minimum investment you should do to better prepare for the unknown future full of new opportunities and challenges.

Building trust and new digital habits take time, so do not wait and enroll today!