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Network Thinking

Change the way you think.

Unleash growth with speed, direction and purpose.

Our solutions

Our solutions will prepare your organization to grow by developing people’s skills in strategic networking for innovation.

Network IQ™

A test designed to measure 7 Network Thinking skills. These skills align to the 4 skillsets: Network Strategy, Dynamics, Protocols, and Power.

exec. strategic consulting

Your Power Map allows you to layout your skills to see the greatest opportunities for development.

Network Thinking workshop

The sprints are designed to build a high-performance community as short breakthrough trainings.

Inspiring Keynote

Align and engage your entire community in new innovation processes.

NETWORK IQ™ Assessment

What is Network IQ?


Network IQ is an assessment your skills as a leader on the ability to build partnerships, cultivate communities and grow innovation networks. These skills can have a deep impact on the success or failure of your career, your business and your community.


This assessment is designed to guide you towards becoming a better Network Thinker. Change the way you think and accelerate your career, grow your business or change the world for better.



at a glance

Time Commitment

15 minutes test with immediate results

7 network Skills

Introduction of the 7 Network skills for leadership through Innovation


Understand your networking capabilities. By rating each skill to understand your strengths and gaps as compared to others


Clear next steps to further develop and build your skills to become a Network Thinker

Executive Strategic consulting

Every executive agrees networking is important but understanding how to be effective is challenging.


Visually understand how networked ecosystem impact your organization. From the Network IQ assessment of your team build a strategy for a more open innovation culture.


In 4 on-demand executive strategy sessions learn how to build the network strategy for your organization and innovate in a new and meaningful way.

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Time Commitment

4 x 60 minute on-demand working sessions 

Global Expertise

Learn about the global research and gain advisory guidance from an international innovation expert

Network Map

Through the executive consulting gain a clear network strategy from the Network Thinking Power Map


Combined with the Network IQ™ Assessment and Network Thinking Power Map™ to build a strategic networking growth model within your organization

Network Thinking Workshop

Network Thinking Design Sprints

Let the Tataj Innovation team support you and your team implement Network Thinking to achieve a clear Network Strategy and begin exponential growth.


The sprint explains the value of your network, how to connect with new communities and connect different networks in a strategic way. You will gain hands on knowledge from years of research how networks works and transform your organization mindset.


Take a Network Thinking Workshop with Dr. Daria Tataj and her team of Network Thinkers.

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On demand one day workshops for teams of 4 and up to 24 people

Networking Activities

Team building exercises focused on strategic networking and a mindset of open innovation

Team Strength

14 individual exercises to build your team’s  Network Thinking capacity


Network Thinking Power Map™ Certification. Be an expert on the map and coach others in strategic networking to transform your team, clients, or partners

Inspiring keynote

Looking to spread the concepts and ideas of Networking to innovate within your organization?


Dr. Daria Tataj has spent years researching innovation communities around the world. This expertise was utilized as the Chair of Advisor to Carlos Moedas, the EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovations. With her experience she shares inspiring stories of cities and companies that have changed their fate through strategic networking and entrepreneurial mindset. 


at a glance

Time Commitment

1 hour inspirational speech by Dr. Daria Tataj, the originator of the Network Thinking concept


Dr. Tataj expertise allows for a personalized keynote with case studies relevant to your organization

Shared purpose

Align your organization around a shared purpose introduced during the keynote

Research based

The whole organization is inspired by on-going research conducted by Dr. Tataj and her team

1 - 2 - 1 Coaching with daria

Map your Network Thinking Skills

Everyone agrees networking is important but understanding how to be effective is challenging.


A personalized consultation reviewing your skills and your personal goals. In this consultation understand your strengths and how to build off them while gaining best practices to develop or mitigate your networking gaps.

at a glance

Time Commitment

1 hour call with Dr. Daria Tataj


With Dr. Tataj expertise on innovation through networks, she will review your Network IQ and growth goals. The consultation will provide you a unique growth strategy.


Build a strategy that highlights your personal network strengths and develop your gaps to become a stronger Network Thinker


Practical advices to advance your career, build your network and become the community leader you aspire to be

What people are saying

"I didn’t expect to have such clear structure and actions for my networking skills."
Agata Gelaberto
Innovation Director
We just made friends in less than 5 minutes, thanks to technology... I really encourage to explore more this type of methodology.
Montse Barcelo, Senior Executive, Healthcare
The art gets you out of your head. Gets you out of your rational thinking. You can come up with new ideas and perspectives.
Dwight Wilson, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur