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Network Thinking

Change the way you think.

Unleash growth with speed, direction and purpose.

Network thinking growth model

The Network Thinking growth model is anchored in the theory of the network society and learnings from the emerging markets. It can be replicated at a massive scale to boost growth with speed, direction and purpose.

Understand Society

Understand growth in the network society and platform economy

Network Thinking Phase 2 Create

Create Communities

Build a high-performance community to unleash growth

Network Thinking Phase 3 Orchestrate

Orchestrate ecosystems

Innovate at the ecosystem level and lead growth with speed, direction and purpose

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Our product portfolio aligns with the key drivers of the Network Thinking growth model.

1. Test your Network IQ™

2. Build a high-performance community with the Network Thinking Power Map™

3.  Orchestrate ecosystems with Network Thinking Sprints

Network IQ™

A test designed to measure 14 Network Thinking skills. These skills align to the 4 skillsets: Network Strategy, Protocols, Dynamics, and Power.

Network Thinking Power Map™

Your Power Map allows you to layout your skills to see the greatest opportunities for development.

Network Thinking Sprints

The sprints are designed to build a high-performance community as short breakthrough trainings.

Network IQ™

Take 15 minutes to test your current understanding of innovation networks. Gain insights on your 14 skills aligned to growth through Network Thinking. 


Expand this test to your organization and identify Network Thinkers that can build an innovative community within your company and drive ecosystem change.


Network Thinking Power Map™

The Network Thinking Power Map™ is a visual aid to design your roadmap how to create a high-performance community.


It can empower your organization in creating open and innovative communities and unleashing growth.

Map your Network Thinking Skills
Network Thinking Design Sprints

Network Thinking Sprints

Network Thinking Sprint is a community building workshop. It develops skills as a Network Thinker and leader within your community. Each day is focused on 1 of 4 skillsets: Network Strategy, Protocols, Dynamics, and Power.


Tataj Innovation offers these Network Thinking Sprints to organizations as a package of 1 week including an extra 5th day with Epica Foundation by La Fura dels Baus, the world famous art group from Barcelona.


Individual sprints are also available.

The Network Thinking Experience

We just made friends in less than 5 minutes, thanks to technology... I really encourage to explore more this type of methodology.
Montse Barcelo, Senior Executive, Healthcare
The art gets you out of your head. Gets you out of your rational thinking. You can come up with new ideas and perspectives.
Dwight Wilson, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur