Network Intelligence (nIQ) Coach

Become a Network Intelligence Coach. Power Your Network and Network Your Power.


Network Intelligence is the capacity to turn people in your networks into collaborators who help you and your team increase performance, innovate, and grow with a purpose in mind. Learn how to optimize and power your network.

The core benefits of becoming a Network Intelligence Certified Coach:

  1. Coach and empower others on how to identify and activate their networks, shorten communication lines, virtually engage with the right people, build global visibility and digital identity.
  2. Coach your teammates and collaborators on how to optimise digital or hybrid teams and improve “teaming” capacity across digital communities. 
  3. Learn an innovative new tool and a skillset to expand your current work portfolio.
  4. Expand your professional networks by helping high-potential individuals build self-confidence around their leadership roles in the world interconnected by diverse networks. 
  5. Accelerate organizational transformation, global strategies and multilevel governance especially if driven by science and technology for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Train-The-Trainer Certification Programme

This Train-the-Trainer programme will equip you with skills to apply, in practice, the Network IQ instrument which is composed of an online Network IQ Questionnaire and an individual nIQ Scoring Report. 

As a Certified Coach, you will get exclusive access at a special license price to the Network IQ instrument and an educational license discount for university education.

You will become a member of a global coach community to support you in your coaching practice.

Participants will virtually engage with Prof. Dr Daria Tataj, the inventor of Network IQ Index, who will coach them, give access to her personal networks and build global visibility as coaches and Network Intelligence advocates. 

Tech transfer, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

“The Network Intelligence methodology has the potential to soon become a mainstream entrepreneurship teaching method next to lean, agile, and business model canvas. I highly recommend adopting Network IQ philosophy as a key business asset for scaling entrepreneurial ventures and internationalising science based start-ups”.

Tony Walker

Deputy Director, Masood Entrepreneurship Center, Alliance Manchester Business School, UK

Digital and Green Transformation

​​“Eindhoven Engine invests in challenge-based, social impact, deep-tech projects. The Network Intelligence instruments, processes, and online courses made a real difference for my team. We are better equipped to engage with our partners from industry and academia, and to attract talent by building our brand online.”

Katja Pahnke

Managing Director, Eindhoven Engine, The Netherlands

About Network Intelligence

Network Intelligence is a system-level innovation methodology. It’s core measurement instrument is the Network IQ (nIQ) Index.

Network IQ Index assesses a set of core competencies which enable individuals to identify and activate their networks for innovation and purpose-driven growth.

It is designed for optimising individual productivity and an entrepreneurial mindset in hybrid or fully digital teams and communities.

Network Intelligence was conceptualized by Prof. Dr Daria Tataj based on her book “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, 15+ years of empirical research on innovation networks in Europe, the US and China, including the EIT KICs.

Network Intelligence builds on the theories of Prof. Dr Manuel Castells, #1 Communication Scholar in the World, such as the network society, innovation milieus, and power based on mass-self communication.

Dr Daria Tataj, Honorary Professor at MEC Alliance Manchester Business School, introduces the Network Intelligence (nIQ) Academy

Who is it for?

In business

  Coaches, trainers and consultants, who wish to utilise Network Intelligence instrument in their current work or a build new coaching practice

In-company trainers for digital transformation, innovation, and organizational change

In academia

University educators and faculty engaged in management and entrepreneurship education

University administrators responsible for science internationalisation, knowledge transfer, and industry-academia partnerships

In government

Policy makers who seek to invest in public-private-partnerships, smart cities, and accelerate smart specialisation strategies

Administrators seeking to secure diversity in various bids or requests for proposals

In civil society

Key opinion leaders, movers and shakers on a mission to design and accelerate pathways
towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Programme Outline

NetworkIQ Coach Roadmap V1_011822.pptx

– Network IQ Coach community building
– Understand what is Network IQ, key terminology and research
– Define personas for whom activating ecosystems is key for success in the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) and why
– Learn how to interpret your own individual Network IQ scoring results (review demo coaching session)

– Test your capability to give peer-to-peer feedback on the Network IQ report
– Learn how to prepare for the coaching session and how to follow up
– Review scenarios and flows of a coaching session (the process of engaging with an individual to review nIQ score)
– Customize a coaching session for the needs of your clients and for small group coaching sessions

– Deliver a mock coaching session and review pre-recorded peer-to-peer coaching sessions
– Work on your peer-to-peer feedback to improve your capacity for weaknesses and give peer-to-peer feedback on the Network IQ report
– Learn how to manage difficult clients and sensitive situations during the coaching session
– Learn how to build your reputation as a trusted nIQ coach and get more clients

– Validate knowledge on the Network IQ framework
– Validate coaching capability
– Assess readiness level and draft an improvement plan
– Build excellence to deliver a one-to-one coaching session

Meet Network IQ Inventor and Master Coach

Prof. Dr Daria Tataj

Daria Tataj is the inventor of Network IQ based on 15+ years of research on innovation networks in Europe, the US, and China, and an Honorary Professor at the Alliance Manchester Business School in the United Kingdom. Daria is a high-level advisor at the European Commission, Digital Leader of the World Economic Forum, women advocate at Vital Voices Global Partnership, and the founding board member of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

Author of the book Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A Growth Model for Europe beyond the Crisis” with a Preface by Manuel Castells.

Meet Train-the-Trainer Programme Faculty and Network IQ Ambassadors

Paul Marca

Former Stanford University Associate Vice Provost and Network IQ Ambassador

Mr. Paul Marca is Principal at Parallax Global Advisors, LLC a firm which provides strategic advice to universities, corporations and governmental organizations on how to develop and extend education as a means to sustain organizational vitality and innovation. As former Associate Vice Provost at Stanford University, Paul was responsible for an extensive industry education portfolio of
hundreds of courses annually. He also serves as an advisor to numerous startups including Eightfold.AI, Youtopian World, Leadernomics, Draper University, Apollidon and Cahoot Learning. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the American University of Phnom Penh.

Dr Paul Tolchinsky

Author of “Whole-scale Change” and Network IQ Ambassador 

Dr. Tolchinsky has been consulting to major corporations around the world for the past forty years. He has extensive experience in managing large system change efforts; new plant design and start-ups; redesigning organizations (both public and private sector); and employee involvement and participative work systems. Paul’s expertise is in the design of systems, applying socio-technical systems principles to organizations. He is the author of a chapter in Peg Holman and Tom DeVane’s book The Change Handbook (1999 and 2005) and co-author of two books on Large Group Methods entitled: Unleashing the Magic in Organizations: The Whole-Scale Approach and Unleashing the Magic: A Toolkit (2000).

Tim Wasserman

Chief Learning Officer and Network IQ Ambassador

Tim helps organizations and individuals plan, implement and scale strategic talent and learning initiatives that improve their organization’s alignment, and transform their innovation and adaptive execution capabilities. He has 25+ years of experience developing and implementing enterprise-wide initiatives for global clients including Apple, Barclays, Boeing, Cisco, Cognizant, EU Parliament, Hewlett-Packard, Kaiser Permanente, Medtronic, Nationwide, Nordstrom, Prudential, Saudi Industrial Development Fund, and Visa. As Chief Learning Officer for TwentyEighty Strategy Execution (formerly IPS Learning & ESI International), he helped develop, direct and scale university partnership programs including the award-winning Stanford Advanced Project Management (SAPM) program.

How is it done?

Active learning with cohorts

Learners will acquire skills in small cohorts of like-minded peers to build from the first day a supportive community, internalize learnings and identify ways to maximize impact.

Deep reflections

Learners will have the opportunity to reflect, analyse and immediately apply what they have learned, under the mindful supervision of the Network IQ Inventor and

Real-time insights

Learners get real-time insights on the proof of their proficiency from seasoned Network IQ Coaches that help set their pace and accelerate individual learning.

Immersive experience

Learners get curated content and personal access to Superconnectors who can help boost their confidence and global visibility for immediate collaboration with their peers.

Time commitment and pricing

In upcoming months we are organising 3 independent courses. Every course is a 3-week Programme, which consists of 4 online instructor-led sessions of 2.5 hours. 

The timetable for every session is from 4pm to 6.30pm CET. Additionally you need to commit around 3 hours per week of individual work for reading, teamwork and action-based learning.

The regular Train-the-Trainer price for individual participants is 2.600 EUR (+ VAT).  

September 2022

Session 1 September 6th 4pm – 6.30pm CET 

Session 2 September 7th 4pm – 6.30pm CET 

Session 3 September 20th 4pm – 6.30pm CET

Session 4 September 21st 4pm – 6.30pm CET

October 2022

Session 1 October 4th 4pm – 6.30pm CET 

Session 2 October 5th 4pm – 6.30pm CET 

Session 3 October 18th 4pm – 6.30pm CET 

Session 4 October 19th 4pm – 6.30pm CET

November 2022

Session 1 November 2nd 4pm – 6.30pm CET

Session 2 November 3rd 4pm – 6.30pm CET

Session 3 November 15th 4pm – 6.30pm CET

Session 4 November 16th 4pm – 6.30pm CET

Please contact us to discuss group pricing.

Ewelina Bielawska

People Success Manager at Tataj Innovation 


My name is Ewelina and I’ll be happy to answer your enquiries. You can reach out to me at or by clickng at the buttom “Want to learn more” below. Happy to help :-)!

Supervision Track and Certification

Upon the completion of the Train-the-Trainer Programme, participants receive the training completion diploma.

This diploma gives access to a 90-day learn-by-doing track to gain proficiency under supervision and build a proof of excellence to get your Network IQ Coach Certificate.

The supervision track and the Network IQ Coach Certificate is included in the Programme price.

Coach Community

Every enrolled participant of the Train-the-Trainer Programme is welcome to join the professional community of Network IQ coaches. The community is focused on continuous learning, inspirational meetings and supporting the coaches in developing and excelling in their practice. 

The benefits of being part of this peer-to-peer learning community are: 

  • Engagement with peers in the Network IQ Community of Practice
  • Access to the newest research on Network Intelligence
  • Support in building the coaching practice
  • Staying connected for new opportunities
  • Getting visibility in professional communities such as Linkedin
  • Being listed in the Network IQ Certified Coach Registry

Join others who accelerate their success using Network Intelligence

Network Intelligence methodology

At the core of Network Intelligence which is manifested through an entrepreneurial mindset and a set of practical digital skills, is a replicable mass innovation model of networking strategies, processes and governance across the silos of research, education, industry and entrepreneurship. 

This model informed the set up and governance of the EIT European Institute of Innovation and Technology and its Knowledge and Innovation Communities – a transformative, multibillion EUR policy experiment of the European Commission, which changed dozens of ecosystems across Europe and created thousands of deep-tech ventures including 9 unicorns.The Network IQ is a measurement of Network Intelligence. We define Network intelligence as a capacity to turn people in your networks into collaborators who help you and your team increase performance, innovate and grow with a purpose in mind.

Network intelligence becomes visible in many ways. For example, you can increase the brand loyalty of your clients by building a user community. Or, when solving a complex problem, you tap on collective intelligence to crowdsource information and quickly find the right expert. And, when an opportunity arises, you are one of the first persons to know about it because you have a certain reputation and are connected to the right people in your social networks.

The Network IQ Assessment instrument is part of the innovation methodology based on the research by Prof. Daria Tataj, one of the leading European experts in innovation policy, with Prof. Manuel Castells, #1 most Communication Scholar in the world, the Winner of the Holberg Prize 2012. The key element of this methodology is the Network IQ Index which is based on seven core competencies validated as baseline network literacy for competitive environments, open innovation strategies, multiple helix collaborations, and fully digital workplace. 

The Network IQ Index is an indicator that predicts how effective you will be turning social networking opportunities into growth, finding the “Right Person”, innovating, building digital trust, or defining a clear purpose as at the first step to find a purpose – network – fit. The Network IQ questionnaire makes reflecting on how strategic are your networking activities, what are your skill strengths and skill gaps.

The Network IQ Index indicates a potential of a person to become an influential leader of virtual teams, partnerships, and digital communities.The focus on building a baseline of Network Intelligence to enable new ways of how teams become more effective when networking in a digital environment or to become more innovative for improving business growth, career impact or in making meaningful change. 

The programme guides participants through a structured process during which they master a set of skills, competencies, and processes to interpret Network IQ individual scoring reports, enabling them to convert those reports into meaningful outcomes. Through learning-by-doing, participants will become skilled at inspiring long-lasting digital behaviour change and building their coaching practice with measurable objectives and towards a meaningful purpose.