We are a STRATEGY and INVESTMENT firm. We work with far-sighted investors, construction and technology companies to help progressive regions, cities and communities transform post-industrial zones into vibrant innovation districts.




Real Estate Development 

We partner with investors, construction and technology companies to transform urban zones for a more sustainable, creative and circular future.


Equity & Impact Investment 

We connect talented entrepreneurs with clients and investors to co-create their tech and social projects for better urban community scenarios.


Research-driven strategy 

We engage our partners in a unique collaborative learning process to understand emerging trends embedded in the narrative of the network society and co-create new growth models for the digital economy.




Dr. Daria Tataj | Founder & CEO

Daria Tataj is a strategy advisor, board member and entrepreneur. Family business owner and former investment banker, she is at present the Chairwoman of High-Level Advisors to Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation. She also advises the World Economic Forum, European Space Agency, governments, multinational companies, start-ups and universities. Honored with the title Social Innovator 2014 in Poland, her home country, she has had a global business and academic career. In 2006, FORTUNE Magazine selected her as one of 17 emerging global women business leaders. Her book ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A Growth Model for Europe beyond the Crisis’  was endorsed by the #1 ranked communication scholar in the world Manuel Castells as „the fundamental, innovative book on innovation that will reshape the way we think about innovation and may yield the most needed policy lessons for a new model of growth in the aftermath of the economic crisis”. Read more