Network Thinking helps transform cities into innovation hubs. Read an interview with Dr. Daria Tataj about Eindhoven University of Technology and the transformation of Eindhoven into an entrepreneurial city.




We have interest in connecting with CIOs of progressive companies which help make cities more “livable.” Need to know how to measure your own impact?  Get expert advice and read the interview with Dr. Daria Tataj on impact through Network Thinking.




Our clients growth is our success

We are a strategy firm for INNOVATION COMMUNITIES. We help unleash exponential growth through INNOVATION AND NETWORK THINKING. We work with networks and communities, multinational companies, venture capital funded start-ups and private equity backed mid-size companies, cities, regions, national funding agencies, universities and research labs. Their success is our success.


What is Network Thinking™ 

Some companies are under constant pressure to innovate and networks – such as sales networks, talent networks, network-based business models, or open innovation – are key for their growth. INNOVATION THROUGH NETWORK THINKING is a 3-step strategy process to unleash EXPONENTIAL GROWTH based on networks, talent and technology in our fast changing environment.


Network Thinking™ as your Growth Strategy 

We help re-think GROWTH STRATEGY with INNOVATION THROUGH NETWORK THINKING. Our clients innovate with sales networks, talent networks, stakeholders networks, and entire open innovation ecosystems. We help connect, attract knowledge, talent and capital. Together we reinvent business models and help orchestrate digital transformation to unleash exponential growth through the power of networks.


Founder Daria Tataj, Ph.D.  

Dr. Daria Tataj is #1 business growth strategist though Innovation and Network Thinking™. She helps develop new growth strategies for organizations which need to constantly innovate and which business model is based on networks. Recognized by FORTUNE Magazine as an emerging global women business leader, she founded Tataj Innovation to help build network communities through innovation and Network Thinking™.

Dr. Tataj, a Chairwoman of Advisors to Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Science and Innovation, has a direct influence on the future of European policy and Horizon Europe, a 100 billion EUR budget for research, science and innovation.

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Keynote speech

MIT Technology Review EmTech Europe Conference, Toulouse, 2018. Foto @Opinno, Madrid

In the world where old economies have broken down large companies are under constant pressure to innovate. To innovate they must learn how to create networks and collaborate with start-ups and scale-ups, customers, users and stakeholders. They innovate across local and global ecosystems simultaneously. Change is overwhelming. Open innovation growth strategies require fusion of humans and technology. In this game, your talent is your key asset.

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Innovation retreat

Network Thinking™ Innovation in Sales Retreat, Tataj Innovation Studio Badalona Beach Barcelona, 2018. Foto @Tataj Innovation

In business sales and margins lead to growth. We help large companies re-think their growth strategies through innovation and Network Thinking™. At Tataj Innovation Studio on Barcelona’s beaches we help unleash thecreative potential of you and your team. We invite you for a mentoring walk, to rediscover what matters in life and in business. We all need to rethink our future. We can do it together.

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The League of European Research Universities Network (LERU) Autumn Reception, Brussels 2017. Foto @Tataj Innovation

The growth of companies is a function of access to talent. Universities are recognized throughout the world as powerhouses of economic growth. LERU – The League of European Research Universities –  is a network of 23 research-intensive universities including Cambridge and Oxford.  They know they must constantly innovate.

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