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Network IQ Index

Measure your Network IQ skills

Network IQ Index is a measurement of your Network Intelligence based on 7 core digital competencies.

These competencies define your ability to build high-performance teams and networks as opportunities for growth when working in a hybrid or fully digital work environment.

For the majority, growth means more clients and revenue, but it can also mean more transformative impact, improved collaboration and inclusion, faster innovation, healthier and happier organizations.

The Network IQ assessement will reveal your strengths and weaknesses among the 7 core skills of Network Intelligence and will tell you where to improve to exploit the true potential of your ecosystem.

Ask for a coaching session to get additional insights into your Network IQ Profile as a Trader, Connector, Buddy, Builder, or Innovator.


If your Network IQ is at the Basic Level, you may not see the need to strengthen relations with colleagues and expand your networks. Or investing in your networks may simply be challenging for you.
Basic Network IQ Leaders rarely analyze social dynamics and think about the power of networks. It is unlikely you can build ‘the human system’ around you with a clear purpose in mind.

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If your Network IQ is at the Intermediate Level, you enjoy connecting with people and creating new opportunities by ‘connecting the dots’ but you rarely do it with a defined strategy. Most likely, you also struggle when it comes to clearly map and analyze your current networks to identify the right people in your organization, the communities you belong to, and tap in the intelligence hidden in your networks.

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If your Network IQ is at the Advanced Level, you are well connected and enjoy a respect in team and a high status networks. You can tap in the collective intelligence, influence the direction of change, and lead diverse teams to deliver outstanding results. You know more does not mean better and you are always seeking both growth and impact. Your high Network Intelligence gives you a potential to transform your organization.

If this is you, then we have something to take your Network Intelligence to the next level.

Online Courses

nIQ for Linkedin

A 10-min-a-day, 4-weeks, micro-coaching course over email to develop new digital habits and apply Network Intelligence on LinkedIn.

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nIQ for Twitter

A 10-min-a-day, 4-weeks, micro-coaching course over email to develop new digital habits and apply Network Intelligence on Twitter.

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Online Community

Linkedin Course

A 4-week micro-coaching course to help you develop new digital habits and build a powerful Linkedin Network fit for a specific purpose.

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Twitter Course

A 4-week micro-coaching course to help you develop new digital habits and build a powerful Twitter Network fit for a specific purpose.

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Network IQ Alliance

The project calls for harnessing the power of networked communities to scale-up and accelerate the impact of entrepreneurial universities, enabling them to:

  • build forward better ecosystems both physical and digital;
  • use existing and new networks more effectively;
  • direct better capacity building for stakeholder and client success;
  • optimise existing networks for better sharing, selling, innovating, partnering and fundraising;
  • build self-confidence, responsible leadership and change leaders;
  • address the innovation ‘stickiness factor’ for long-term benefit;
  • drive real social change at scale in the research and innovation community.

Network IQ Alliance partners aim to accelerate the health, manufacturing, green and digital transformation, and deepen the integration of industrial regions, which are Emerging Innovators with regions that reinvented themselves and became Moderate and Strong Innovators.

Through the Innovation Vision Action Plan, the project aims to execute and act on the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Strategic Innovation Agenda. Network IQ Alliance is focused on transforming individuals and teams with skills to immediately reach out to their network, procure resources, achieve purpose and objectives for immediate success and long-term impact – all using technology.

During the pilot phase the project will:

  • support five innovative SMEs via multidisciplinary research teams;
  • train 130 students with nIQ skills for developing innovation, fundraising and global market access, including 15 students mentored;
  • train 15 academic staff and mentor 5 in nIQ to embed in their HEI’s innovation/entrepreneurship education;
  • train 15 non-academic staff and mentor 5 to embed nIQ in their HEI’s strategy and processes;
  • establish two nIQ ‘train the trainer’ centres at HEIs for popularising the methodology;
  • form one new collaborative partnership in the knowledge triangle.

The Network IQ Alliance results and outcomes will be successfully translated into real-world impact aligned with the priorities of EIT Manufacturing, EIT Health, ETI Digital and EIT Climate.